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This is your place to find different types of activities in the fields of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering (STEM).  While all the activities are not unique, many of them are based on ones developed or modified for public school classes.  The overall goal of Zara's Corner is to engage participants of all ages and aide them in discovering that STEM activities (and courses) can be FUN while learning important concepts.


NOTE: Many of these activities can be scaled up or down in difficulty depending on the education level of the participants.  Journaling and small group (followed by larger group) sharing/discussion are ways to accomplish this.  For instance one group may benefit the most from simply drawing what they observe and telling a story incorporating the activity.  A more advanced group may be able to write about what was observed with or without pictures.  An even more advanced group of participants should be given the opportunity to not only describe but also explain what is occurring.


Journaling can be hard copies or electronic.  Class or group blogs work well. Two electronic sites that might work for your group are Edmodo (free for educators with restricted access) and Evernote.  There are many other excellent sites from which one may choose.


Safety: There should always be responsible adult present when performing any of these activities.  As all teachers know "Safety Comes First".  At minimum, have participants wear safety glasses.  Some activities may require lab aprons and/or gloves.  




Now on to the activities!!



"Crushing the Can" (Implosions) 



"Glow Stick Brightness"  (rate of reaction)


Crushing the Can
An easy way to demonstrate what happens when the pressure inside an object is less than outside the object.
Crushing the Can.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [142.0 KB]
Glow Stick Brightness
Explores why glow sticks are brighter in the summer than in the winter.
Glow Stick Brightness.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [159.9 KB]

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