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Dr. Sally Urquhart, a retired teacher after 30 years, helped with Zaras Corner! 

Andrea Pearson-Haas is helping design the curriculum with a focus on going above and beyond the typical efforts to make sure the students have a voice to shape their future while acting as Space Princess and exposes them to enrichment activities to increase engagement and input while her partner Zara of Triton is unavailable. Reggie Burns is a librarian at the University of Texas at Dallas and helped with resources for coordination of doing the program at local libraries and finding resources from other space programs. This will be incorporated with state-regulations used as the minimal template and challenge the kids to think not just to pass tests. Most teachers we talk to love to teach but hate to formulate teaching around state standards that are inflexible for creativity. The new generation is our future and we want to know what the future holds and are here to being open and receptive to encouraging their dreams. Space Princess does not watch TV unless she is communicating with NASA through it or she has been invited to a social gathering, because mainly she does reporting on camera, and loves to read.

Matt Engel created Alpha Charlie, and Aviation Club at UTD has partnered with Space Princess with a 501c3 Aviation Club & Space Society to increase scholarships to flight enthusiasts working on their pilot related licensure to including space camp for kids with another non-profit they are partners in called Aviation Club & Space Society.

Blaze Sanders CTO of Sol-X, a former NASA Ames employee and John Hopkins grad, has opened connect to the Girl Scouts in Maryland and California in the future with a partnership with their 'Great Space for Girls'., he helps with SpaceVR! 

North Texas Chapter of National Space Society came to the rescue to give presentations at University of Texas at Dallas while Space Princess interviewed the kids and adults participating in the 100+ computer-programming camps for “Comet’s Burning Bright- Shooting Stars of UTD” an entertaining educational segment at UTD TV. Using an art installation from her biology teacher Dr. Mehmet Candas called “The Ultimate Interface” Space Princess interviewed the participants for the science summer camps.

            Dr. Mehmet Candas is a scientist, educator, and occasional multimedia artist at the University of Texas at Dallas. He teaches in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, including Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Cellular Microbiology, Modern Biology, and Human Body Systems. His research concerns biochemical and genetic basis of cellular responses to their environment and how cells integrate signals into survival or death pathways. He also enjoys exploring living things and their surroundings through approaches involving art, philosophy and aesthetics. He believes art and science enhance our consciousness and advocates that understanding the harmony in nature and deciphering the inner workings of biological systems holds the key for finding solutions to grand challenges we all face.

In her mission to mars proposal called T.R.I.G.S.M. (Thought Robot Interstellar Galaxy Squire Maguire) a cognitive robot accompanies a crew on a manned mission instead of only a rover, to perform computer analytics live, assist with experiments, and be a companion to the crew that leaves Earth in 2018 on a VASIMR nuclear engine to reduce the flight time. The love of her life right now is her family and friends, including Squire Maguire her astronaut poodle who has his own suit and befriends children as an assistant.  

Se teaches an array of curriculmn related to STEAMD! 

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© Space Princess Education is a 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization Andrea Pearson-Haas acts in character as a Producer/Reporter "Space Princess" in classrooms worldwide and is an Aerospace Scholar of 2012 through N.A.S.A. as well as a N.A.S.A. Social Media Attendee credentialed on various missions for Orion, EFT-1, GPM, #JourneyToMars, #marsorbust, #yearinspace, and many others. She is founder of this organization and integrates N.A.S.A. information into educational comic materials, media, formal, and informal educational platforms. Aviation Club & Space Society *Dallas*Richardson*Fort.Worth*Houston*Austin*San.Antonio*Pan.Handle*Arlington*Corpus.Christi*SouthPadre*Southwestern.Medical.College.*Major.Cities.In.Texas*International.Space.Station.*