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The Universe is Yours™Space Princess Education

Our Projects

We participate in many programs for STEM outreach and tailor our unique education to the interests of our students and what is currently going on in the space race.

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Exampes of Lesspn Plans

Space Princess Teaching Chess

Step 1: Don't forget to use the "Become a Member" instructions!

Tell us what Chess Board you are hypothetically designing and why

Hypothetical Lesson Plan (in the making)

Lesson 1: Boards

Purpose a design for a chess board upon completion of your assignment

Solution: Your Newly Designed Chess Board

Lesson 2: Plays

What types of plays and moves do you want to do or learn? Who do you want to reach out to for playing, training, teaching that might be able to help you? It is ok if you do not know.

Solution: Your team players

We will provide a list of internet resources from freelibraries?

Lesson 3: Pieces

What pieces should be designed with your board?

Lesson 4: Value

What are your favorite pieces to use for your moves and why?

Lesson 5: Titles

What titles do you wish to hold? Grandmaster (GM), International Master (IM), FIDEMaster (FM), Candidate Master (CM), Woman Grandmaster (WGM),Woman International Master (WIM), Woman FIDE Master (WFM), Woman Candidate Master (WCM). Or do you want something else? You can make up your own title and names as well :)

Other steps educators should include in their teachings are:

Lesson 6: Rules

Chess Rules as applicable to the teacher-student relationship

Lesson 7: Hashtag

A Hashtag is when you use the pound(#)number sign # followed by your message which creates a #HASHTAG. So we say "Hashtag Space Princess" by #SpacePrincess, and so forth. For your lesson plans or participation, you may use mine or a version of your own, please include "Hashtag Chess" by #Chess and your social media, regular media, and so on.

I am also listed by "Hashtag AndreaPhD" #AndreaPhD "Hashtag Andrea Pearson-Haas" #AndreaPearsonHaas "Hashtag AEPH" #AEPH, and so on

Lesson 8: Photos

Take photos of lesson plans and publish them, share them, or whatever you have in your curriculm. When doing tournaments, or lesson plans for chess players, you can also do a variation of what you are teaching, what you are learning, and so forth for your blog. 

Lesson 9: Blog

Include what you need to for your blog! Have fun.


Certificate Program Teaching Chess

Component Area Option

Designate level you would like to be certified in

*UG for Undergrad

*GR for Graduate

*PD for Post-Doctoral


Take 1 Chess Educational Course (3 hours)

Take 2 Chess Educational Courses (6 hours)

Take BOTH Educational Courses Plus Research as Defined by your Department.

Y'all can designate any combination of educational courses by level to complete on your certificate.

I have taken Dr. Alexey Root's Chess Course I & II. My paper is listed at for Chess II. I incuded research beyond the requirements of the chess paper.


Space Princess Teaching English

Children’s assignments are as follows. Adopt a Woman at Goddard, and write her a letter, and tell her, she has been adopted. Tell her, why you are interested in adopting her, and what dreams you have for your space future in her chosen field of work. It can be found at Blog under Aviation Club.



Working on/Coming Soon


Become a Space Princess and Join the Movement to Empower Women and Girls Across the Universe. Space Princes are welcome too!


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