The Universe is Yours™ Space Princess Education
The Universe is Yours™Space Princess Education


Earth Day April 22nd, 2017, March for Science, Dallas, Texas with Squire Maguire, Astronaut Poodle


Groundbreaking for a $96 Million dollar laboratory in Langley, Virgina at NASA


Human Rights Tour in a European Country, Dec 18th-30th, 2016


Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day (Women's & Diversity) University of Texas at Dallas


College Tours within Private SpaceX Company McGreggor Rocket Park


Updates a member of City Council over who space executives are for a ground breaking in the South Texas Region


Space Princess visits local schools in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas Area


Testing the Heat Shield & 7 minutes of Terror, Stenis Space Center, Agency Wide celebration and press conference with NASA TV appearance


State of NASA (virtually covered) Updates over changes coming to the agency


Orion Tests with the United States Navy for recorvery in ocean at Norfolk


Ames 75th Anniversary Celebration


(Full range of events being published for the year 2015-2016, sorry for the delay, we have been looking for new board members, will be followed up with blogging section, projecting hiring staff so there is more real time automatition in interaction with the public and reporting)


Space Princess takes her friend TEMOC (comet character) from the University of Texas at Dallas along with their friends Spirit and Power Dancers she talked to after playing CHESS <from Mrs. Root's class> to visit Children's Health in Dallas, Texas Feb 16th, 2015! 


NASA Social @NASASocial Washington DC July 19, 2014 Moon Day


Buzz Aldrin @TheRealBuzz was in attendence with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Bob Jacobs


@Wolf_Trap where we watched 2001:Space Odyssey (1968) while Emil De Cou conducted the Symphony on stage.


Apollo 11 commemerated by #Apollo45 the 45th Anniversary of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon.


We came in Peace for All Mankind.


Details from the event are still in the works


Coming soon:


SpaceUp from SpaceTweepsSociety


UTDLaunch Party for Premeire of Comets Burning Bright


NASA Bling will host a meeting to go over products


NASA Space Princess will visit a few hospitals in the Dallas area



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Past Events (That are not ongoingly scheduled)


Buzz Aldrin Wolf Trap Social 45th Anniversary of Moon Landing July 19, 2014


Interview on "The Real" AMPSRADIO.COM 



NASA Space Princess introduces Comet's Burning Bright July 11, 2014
University of Texas at Dallas
800 Campbell Road, Richardson, Texas


National Space Society visits with NASA Space Princess
Engineering and Computer Science Building 8:30am 

NASA Space Princess TV Show
Comet's Burning Bright the Shooting Stars of UTD
Gemini Room 2.504 1:00pm-4:00pm


Appearance with local artists
Charles Smith II
Private Event Fashion Show and Dinner
Dallas, Texas 8:30pm

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