The Universe is Yours™ Space Princess Education
The Universe is Yours™Space Princess Education

NASA Space Princess Comics, Music & Lyrics

This is the interactive portion from our educational segment that incorporates art with STEM outreach in the form of a comic book.


If you would like to submit your artwork to appear in the series, please include your name, contact information, artwork attachment, with a disclaimer "I (Your Name) give NASA Space Princess Education Comics full permission to use my artwork and likeness images for public display and commercial purposes."


Space Princess fell in love with a robopuppy and later an engineer that was operating it but never told him. Instead she got creative and turned his engineering paper into a love rap song by looking up the terms and writing them out into mathematical components and applying the definitions of operation with the functions to love as if she was a cognitive robot, you can find her lyrics on rap genius.


She applied mathematical wordings and mathematics to the engineering paper in an artistic way, along with her Chaos Theory!


Music being composed "Get your Mass to Mars" and others!

Become a Space Princess and Join the Movement to Empower Women and Girls Across the Universe. Space Princes are welcome too!


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