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The Universe is Yours™Space Princess Education

Space Princess

Space Princess Education/Space Princess Education is a 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization.


Space Princess Education does educational outreach in STE(A)M, aimed primarly for students Pre K-12, along with teachers, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, post-doctural, as well as upper and lower for the UK system, College Instiutions & Universities. This program includes teacher in service and additional teacher training and materials. We promote cultural diversity and international space relations intertwined with/or in addition to STE(A)M education. Students are encouraged to earn certificates showing understanding of the various concepts presented. We seek to increase, support and promote participation in STE(A)M fields, particularly girls and women. Public outreach includes various media outlets.


Her purpose is to be a Neurosurgeon & Rocket Scientist Flight Engineer coming down from the International Space Station to get back to work. "Was it Neurosurgery or Rocketscience? It was probably Andrea Elaine Pearson-Haas! Space Princess" In her proposal for a 50 Billion Dollar Mission to Mars with NASA & International Partners in an awarded & credited certificate with the competition for NASA Aerospace Scholars T.R.I.G.S.M. (Thought Robot Interstellar Galaxy Squire Maguire) was created to use 4 nuclear plasma engines on a 2 month each two ways to the planet Mars in 2018. The ISS or International Space Station is a returning point from her Mars Mission to be a place of debriefing before returning to Earth. She studies the brain in microgravity, raises money for charites & other non-profits when she is not doing research & teaching for Neurosurgery, Aerospace, test piloting or working with NASA & Commercial Partners as her "Space Princess" character, credentialed as a Producer/Reporter. 


Her dream & planned goals are to strengthen the partnerships for commercialization of space, explore & advance missions beyond lower earth orbit, use teaching through S.T.E.(A).M. activities as a platform for increasing education & awareness of the space programs to accelerate the participation of the past, pressent, future, and next generations.

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International Space Station Complements of Jody Whiteley

The humanitarian implication for space travel affects the human race and everything in the universe. Diversity is the strength for peace and economical foundation. We are designing curriculum for teachers and students broadening the children’s and adults exposure of cultures on a global scale with our international partnerships at NASA, understand the motivation and interests of our students so we can teach them what they want to learn and find out what is working and what is not by our interactive educational televised program in the works we are taking the learning through students eyes as an approach to modify material and reflect the intellectual endeavors across generations. 

Become a Space Princess and Join the Movement to Empower Women and Girls Across the Universe. Space Princes are welcome too!


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© Space Princess Education is a 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization Andrea Pearson-Haas acts in character as a Producer/Reporter "Space Princess" in classrooms worldwide and is an Aerospace Scholar of 2012 through N.A.S.A. as well as a N.A.S.A. Social Media Attendee credentialed on various missions for Orion, EFT-1, GPM, #JourneyToMars, #marsorbust, #yearinspace, and many others. She is founder of this organization and integrates N.A.S.A. information into educational comic materials, media, formal, and informal educational platforms. Aviation Club & Space Society *Dallas*Richardson*Fort.Worth*Houston*Austin*San.Antonio*Pan.Handle*Arlington*Corpus.Christi*SouthPadre*Southwestern.Medical.College.*Major.Cities.In.Texas*International.Space.Station.*